Autobiography of a Yogi

Astrological Bangles Booklet

This compilation is intended to provide accurate information specific to the functions, wearing and care of the amulets formulated by Sri Yukteswar.

These formulae and attendant responsibilities were passed down to Paramahansa Yogananda, then to Sri Kriyananda. As of this writing, the responsibility is borne to me and it is my sincere hope that this is of service to you the disciple, and ultimately to God and Guru.

Appearance of the Bangle

Darkness and Discoloration of the strands is due to wearer’s skin chemistry and environment. See “Care and Feeding”.
Over the years many people have been responsible for making and repairing the general-purpose astrological bangle. For this reason variations in how the bangle is twisted—tightly or loosely, and the appearance of the ends can differ greatly. The way Master had them made while he was still in the body is the method I use, and has the ends with one strand folded over into a loop. There is another method that leaves the ends covered with a ball, but this seems to me to be a deviation from the formula.

The formula for this bangle is very strict and every effort is made to both hold to the formula and offer a bracelet of good appearance. There are three strands, one of pure copper, one of pure silver, and one of pure gold.
If the bangle has a gold strand that appears to have a crinkly or wrinkled appearance, it is only because the gold has been “recycled” during the re-building process (see “Rebuilding and Repairing”)    top

Care and Feeding

The three difficulties facing bangles are dirt or discoloration, stiffness and cracking, and lastly, thinness due to erosion by skin chemistry.
Dirt and/or discoloration are not serious problems in themselves, however they do indicate a probable reaction with either the wearer’s skin chemistry or environment. The bangle is best cleaned in a jeweler’s pickling bath, as it is non-abrasive and won’t affect the delicate weight balance of the bangle that is necessary for its function.  

Stiffness promotes cracking and is due to the bangle’s flexing. If it’s not opened and squeezed shut a lot it won’t harden, get springy and crack. Many nearly invisible cracks will occur at once, so a break is simply the winning crack’s reward in the race through the strand. If the bangle gets springy get it to Kent White and he will anneal (soften) and clean (pickle) it to a bright new luster. Bangles need this from every three months to yearly; it depends again on the wearer.

Thinness is cured only by strand replacement—copper and silver usually are replaced together in a careful process saving the gold. Thinness means weight loss and does affect the bangle’s protective performance. Thinness is serious if it’s visually noticeable and can occur in one year or over many years, depending on the wearer and environment.

Our current service schedule allows cleaning and annealing for $35 and takes a few days. Replacing a broken silver wire with a new one is $95; replacing a worn or broken copper, along with adding a new silver is $195 -- I replace both the silver and the copper together when the copper is worn as experience shows that the silver needs replacing by then, also. Bangles broken completely in half requires replacing both copper and silver wires, repairing the gold, cleaning and annealing and polishing, and costs $185 and takes one or two weeks. Shipping is $17.50 each way, insured.     top

Discomfort—Description Of, New—Older Bangles—New Bangle

The body may rebel against this new intruder, much as an unbroken horse reacts to a saddle. Be persistent, and creative. Move the bangle from arm to arm, and to wrist, if necessary. Bring it back to “home” position at night—the sleeping body is less sensitive then and will get used to it. It may take a week or so. It took me a month. My body hated the thing.    top

Discomfort—Older Bangle

This is either cleanliness or the bangle doing its job. If you have skin irritation, itching, rash or even sores, it’s most likely cleanliness. Hot weather will affect diet, skin moisture and pH. Bacteria will be more prevalent during hot weather also. Toothbrush and dish soap will clean the strands and a brief soak in methanol, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide will sterilize it.

Now, if the bangle gets hot, cold or oddly uncomfortable, chances are it’s defending you against cosmic energies. Some symptoms can be flu-like or perhaps a smothering feeling. It may become quite hot. A pressure like manacles or handcuffs or even a fever might happen. Unfortunately, this is not the time to take it off. Move the bangle from place to place on the body, if the discomfort is extreme or incapacitating but always consider what the bangle could be protecting you from.     top

Effects of the Bangle

Many people have found there to be a great difference in their personal energy when they wear the bangle versus when they didn’t. One person said that the bangle afforded him such protection that he needed to do the Energization Exercises three times a day to make up for not wearing the bangle (he had loaned it out to a friend). Another person had been going through a long test and only at the end had been able to afford a bangle. She was amazed to find a great increase in her personal energy, despite the crushing power of the test. Another woman noticed that her intuition increased when wearing the bangle. It is cases like these that lead me to believe that the bangle acts like an umbrella. top

Explaining the Bangle to others. What’s that thing you’re wearing? Is it for arthritis?

Over the years, we’ve heard many inquiries ad we’ve found a few good answers. Here they are:

1. Sentimental family heirloom
2. Yes, it’s for arthritis and things like that
3. Protects against environmental influences
4. Spiritual symbol, religious symbol, the Trinity
5. A gift—I have always liked it.     top

General Description of the Bangle

Generally, the “bangle” is a protective device when worn next to the skin. It is a moderately heavy bracelet of gold, silver and copper strands twisted together.

“Electrical and magnetic radiations are ceaselessly circulating in the universe; they affect man’s body for good and ill.”
“Ages ago, our rishis pondered the problem of combating the adverse effects of subtle cosmic influences. The sages discovered that pure metals emit an astral light which is powerfully counteractive to negative pulls of the planets.”

“Through prayer, will power, yoga meditation, consultation with saints and use of astrological bangles, the adverse effects of past wrongs can be nullified or minimized.”

“Just as a house may be fitted with a copper rod to absorb the shock of lightning, so can the bodily temple be protected in certain ways.” Paramhansa Yogananda

“The bangle is an important part of the spiritual path.” Sri Kriyananda

The bangle is made in strict accordance with the formula discovered by Sri Yukteswar and given to Paramhansa Yogananda.     top

They may be ordered from:

Kent White, Box 250
14618 Tyler Foote Rd
Nevada City CA 95959
(This address: for correspondence only NO Valuables.)
(530) 292 3506 or (530) 292 3500

Prices vary with the market price of gold. Please call for price and delivery time.

Home Cleaning & Annealing for the Adventurous

If the bangle gets stiff, it can be softened again and cleaned at the same time by using the kitchen stove and 5% white vinegar.

Simply select a gas burner (NOT ELECTRIC) and set the flame to the same size circle as the bangle. Set the bangle on the burner grate and heat for one minute—the metal colors will change, but it should not glow! The bangle may smoke or flame a bit but that’s okay.

Pour 1-inch of vinegar in a small saucepan and, with metal tongs, lift the bangle from the burner grate and set into the vinegar. It will whoosh and steam and should then be clean and soft. You may scrub it a little with a toothbrush and toothpaste, but DO NOT USE metal wool or polish! Dry off and wear.
Bangles need this from perhaps every three months to yearly.     top

How it works

1. See: Effects of the Bangle
2. See: General Description of the Bangle

Sri Kriyananda has described the function of the bangle to be like a lens: sometimes filtering completely out, sometimes transmuting and sometimes only partially filtering.     top

Loaning the Bangle, precautions

There may come a time when a dear friend or relative without a bangle may go through a serious test. At this time, you may feel guided to loan your bangle to them during this period. Before loaning it out you may want to consider having it cleaned and annealed or possibly even blessed. When you get the bangle back, it would be a good idea to have it again cleaned and annealed and blessed.     top

Metals contained therein

The bangle is comprised of three metals: copper, silver and gold.

Copper—Latin ‘cuprum’, atomic symbol Cu. Copper is the most “earthy” of the three metals, and astrologically represents the body. Physically, it is the toughest and can withstand some abrasion and bending. It is very chemically reactive and for this reason is not found freely in nature.
Copper may react with the wearer’s skin chemistry to produce green skin. The copper strand itself can actually wear away in a short time. (See Care and Feeding). The copper may turn color in the presence of some chemicals, soaps, foods, etc.

Silver—Latin ‘argentum’, atomic symbol Ag. Silver is more noble than copper and it astrologically represents the mind. Its purifying influence kills bacteria in both air and water, and its influence has a cooling effect on the body.
Physically, silver is not as ductile or malleable as gold or copper—it will harden, crack and break if bent or worked too much. While not as chemically reactive as copper, silver will turn black in the presence of sulphur, i.e. eggs, hot springs and some shampoos. Rarely found freely in nature, its reactivity causes it to combine with some other elements.

Gold—Latin ‘aurum’, atomic symbol Au. Gold is the most noble of all metals, and astrologically represents the soul. It enhances spirit and has a healing effect on the body.
Very ductile and malleable, gold may be worked or bent a great deal before it cracks or breaks. However, being very soft, gold is easily abraded or worn down. Almost unreactive, it is found freely in nature and does not tarnish.     top

Navratna: Nine-gem Bangle

An amulet of general usefulness but one that is too costly for the average person to buy, is the so-called Navratna or 9-stone bangle. It is composed of the following stones, each of them pure, unflawed and greater than two carats: diamond, emerald, yellow sapphire, chrysoberyl cat’s eye, blue sapphire, garnet (or more properly gomed—a stone unknown in America) coral, pearl and ruby.

“Each of these stones stands for a different planet. Knowledge of one’s own horoscope and of the right stones to wear in order to strengthen weak planets and to offset the vibrations of the inauspicious planets is believed to be beneficial. If all you need personally is one or two stones, you may be able to afford such a bangle even if you are not rich. But you must convert your horoscope from the normal Western tropical to the sidereal and preferably to Indian sidereal, if you want to make proper use of the Indian science of gem therapy.”—Sri Kriyananda.

Note: all stones used for the purpose of gem therapy should be set with open backs so that the stone or stones may touch the skin. It is through contact with the skin that the gemstones’ influence may come to benefit the person wearing them.     top

Other Bangles

The Autobiography of a Yogi has chapters entitled “Outwitting the Stars” and “Sasi and the Three Sapphires”, where mention is made of the power of gems and metals to protect the wearer against cosmic influences. Sri Yukteswar devoted a great deal of effort to this science of protection. The lead and silver bangle he specified for Yogananda was specific only to Yogananda’s case at that time. The sapphire story was specific to that case as well.

Unfortunately, little or no record of Sri Yukteswar’s discoveries remain today. Except for the Navratna and the general-purpose astrological bangle, no other of his bangle formulae are extant.
Then there are the little rings made of the three metals and twisted like the Bangle. These are “friendship rings” but do not have the power of the Bangle.     top

Rebuilding the Bangle

Over the years of wearing a bangle, the copper will get thin, the silver may develop cracks and even break, and the gold will wear down. When these effects or conditions are noticeable, then the bangle’s protective power will be greatly diminished. At this point there are three choices: repair the bangle, have the bangle rebuilt back to the original formula or exchange the old one against the purchase of a new one.

If the bangle needs repairing, see “Care and Feeding”.

If the bangle is worn and damaged to the extent that it cannot be repaired, then it must be rebuilt. Rebuilding the old one will cost anywhere between $ 75 and $ 150, depending on the deterioration of the gold strand.
Rebuilding the bangle entails the following process:

The bangle is dismantled into its three separate strands. The gold is inspected for weight and damage. If the gold strand does not meet the bangle formula, then the cost will be higher due to the additional gold added to meet the formula.
Once the gold strand meets the formula, new copper and silver strands are then added. This is the most economical time to renew these strands because of their comparative low cost.

The appearance of a rebuilt bangle is different, however, from a new one. Since the gold strand will then have been twisted, untwisted, straightened and re-twisted, it will have an “antiqued” or “crinkly” finish. Buffing this all away, of course, will mean loss of gold (therefore weight) so we leave the crinkly look alone! Some people like the antiqued look of the gold strand and so don’t mind the appearance of a rebuilt bangle.

The exchange/purchase plan would cost $ 350 (at current gold prices) plus the old bangle. This will give you the look of a brand new bangle. Every so often has a gold strand been so worn and damaged that I’ve been unable to make repairs, and so I recycle the old gold strand and make a new one from the remnants.

However, if your bangle has become a “spiritual relic”, the veteran of countless pilgrimages and recipient of many blessings, then perhaps the silver and copper should be retired to the altar or maybe even divided among friends. The gold strand is then refined and made into a new wire in order to create a new bangle, while retaining the blessings of the old.     top

Stories about the Bangle

See: Effects of the Bangle

Two stories about the bangle.

In the early pioneering days in the community, many hardy souls did forestry work; tree thinning, planting and woodcutting. On this particular day, the work involved thinning, a more dangerous task and so one fellow’s wife loaned him her bangle. He wore it for three or four days until it finally became a nuisance, slipping up and down and getting caught on things.

The next morning during meditation he took it off only to hear a voice later in meditation say, “Wear the bangle!” Since he wasn’t at all used to hearing voices and thought certainly it could be imagination, he dismissed it. A bit later, the voice again said, “Wear the bangle!” He dismissed it again. Finally, after some more minutes the voice loudly commanded, “WEAR THE BANGLE!” Thinking it over this time, he decided, “Okay, I’ll wear the thing.”

Later that morning he was thinning a smaller tree away from a big one and when the small tree fell away, a large widow maker dropped free smashing down squarely on top of his hard hat, seating him abruptly on the ground. If it had been a glancing blow it would surely have broken his shoulder. He shrugged it off and went back to work, no harm done. With the chain saw fired up again he walked to the next tree only to stumble and fall with the howling saw landing directly between his legs. Once more, he shut it off, stood up, brushed himself clean and started to work again. Sawing away at a clump of brush, it suddenly whipped back smashing his safety glasses.

As he stood there wiping his face and sorting out his safety glasses he reflected on the morning’s meditation, the “voice” and how he had come through all this with no injuries.

The second is a very odd sort of story, concerning the full moon, a man and severe headaches.

When I first met this fellow, he said he’d suffered from headaches for nearly ten years but only during the three-day period around the full moon. They were so bad that he could neither sleep nor concentrate for the entire period.
I suggested the General Purpose Bangle and when he agreed, I loaned him mine. Within five minutes (it happened to be a full moon at the time) the symptoms were gone. He took it off and the symptoms returned. Many years have now passed since his purchase of one and no symptoms have returned. top

Where and How to Wear the Bangle

Sri Kriyananda recommends wearing it nearest the heart. The upper arm is best. I have tested this and my heart indeed did feel protected after having worn the bangle on my ankle for a year. We have tested the bangle’s effect on the size of the aura with dowsing rods. The largest aura comes from having the bangle on the upper arm.
The bangle must be worn in contact with the skin, to complete the electromagnetic circuit with the aura. It should be worn at all times, swimming, bathing, exercising, etc. If it’s not worn, it can’t protect you!  top

Which Side:

There has been a story circulating around for many years that women wear it on the left and men, on the right. However, I asked Sri Kriyananda about this, and his reply was, “The male and female energies do not apply to bangles, for the bangle is neutral. Where these energies are important is if a man and woman are teaching together, then the man should stand to the woman’s right. And for instance, when a married couple is sleeping together, the husband should sleep on the woman’s right, as when they are both lying face up.”

There may be exceptions to this rule, so if you wish, take the time to intuit or perhaps dowse your answer with a pendulum or a pair of rods.     top

How to circle the bangle:

If the bangle is long for you (all new bangles are the same length, however some reconditioned or rebuilt bangles may be longer) don’t let the strands touch where they overlap. Many people have felt a better energy if the bangle does not touch itself. Our testing with the rods shows that the aura diminishes very much when the bangle touches itself.
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